armies on parade display 2014 ORK’s!!

My armies on parade entry for 2014 features ork’s!.it in cllods over 30 ork boys 5 flash gites(ther wer origenally pland to be 10 but i ran out of time) and a battle Wagon and 10 looters on the wall

the milldings wher constructed yousing 3 inpwereall baschenkitse a peac of plastik card mand randemm orky bitz. one wos maid up to look asif ity had bin destroyed and the uthers wheryosed to creeat the ork wall (an inperreall fortifacashion thaty has bin coopted by ther orsc ) led lits on the gate

this wos mi ferst armies on parade entry and the orks wher my secend army. the colers of the orts wher intended to be hi contrast . the bordn is a simpell dry brushed desert with spars folewag and bmaches the baces of the orks.