Armies on Parade Display 2017

My armies on parade entry for 2017 features a horde of gen-stealer and gen-stealer colt ambushing primaris space marines in an industrial environmental. The miniatures are from games workshops war-hammer 40k range and are painted with citadel paints.

The colour scheme for the gene-stealer cult in a version or the painting scheme in issue 110: 05th March 2016 of the White Dwarf magazine. The primary alteration is changing the blue carapace to green. the gene-stealers cult miniatures are primarily from the Deathwatch Overkill board game and the space hulk boardgame and 1 box each of Neophyte Hybrids and and Acolyte Hybrids.

As for the primaris space marines the plan is to have 5-6 in the centre surrounded by the gene-stealers. They are a custom paint scheme for dry-brushed grey with blue trim and brown symbols to break-up the colouring.

The terrain currently consists of one realm of battle city board, and imperial shipping containers, barrels boxes and other scatter terrain. The plan is to have a check-point over run with gene-stealers straddling the road preventing the marines from advancing

i constructed a custem bilding from a — terain kit sum bollsu wood and leftover components from an inpireall bashen and an inpereall sky shield landing pad.

I am yousing the — terrain kit’s barrels and boxes ass scatter terrain in this display. as well as the shiping conaners and tracters to fiil out ther bord and the crainn to add hight acumpenrying the billding.